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Welcome to Gettysburg, PA

The comments of past visitors about the “Gettysburg Experience”:

“We can read books and articles about the Battle of Gettysburg. We can hear lectures about the Battle. We can even see movies portraying the Battle. However, nothing compares to standing on the very ground where tens of thousands of men clashed in the bloodiest conflict ever fought in America. I am thankful such a place exists, and that it is in such superb condition.”

“I visited Gettysburg during the re-enactments…. I love the Civil War, and one of the main reasons I visited was because of the movie “Gettysburg.” The town totally took my breath away.”

“Gettysburg is an excellent historical experience for anyone interested in history. You can really get a feel for what actually went on back in June, 1863.”

“I can not begin to tell you of the emotion that swelled up inside of me from the statues, monuments and memorials. To walk out on the ground in front of the Angle, I felt I could reach out and shake the many hands of those who participated in what transpired there.”

“I found the whole area to be beautiful, especially the park and battleground, and thought provoking.”

“Gettysburg has the most fascinating blend of the past and the present.”

You can order a copy of the Gettysburg PA Visitors Guide.
This publication gives an overview of the Gettysburg area.
You can request a copy by contacting:

35 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325
717-334-6274, 800-337-5015
FAX 717-334-1166

Gettysburg Information Center
102 Carlisle Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325
, 717-334-6274, 800-337-5015
Once you arrive in town you’ll want to visit the Gettysburg Information Center, run by the Gettysburg Covention & Visitors Bureau. They offer free maps and brochures along with assistance in obtaining motel and restaurant reservations. They are located just one block north of Lincoln Square in Gettysburg.

Free Self Guided Tours

The Gettysburg CVB also offers free tour brochures and maps for the Scenic Valley Tour, the Downtown Walking Tour, and the Historic Conewago Tour.

  • The Scenic Valley Tour is a 36-mile drive through one of America’s most scenic counties. The entire route is clearly marked with Scenic Valley Tour signs. (Approximate driving time is 2 hours).
  • The Downtown Historic District Tour is truly a walk into history. Over 100 buildings have been restored in a recent Renaissance of restoration.
  • The Historic Conewago Tour is named for the Conewago Creek that meanders through the Eastern half of the county. The 40-mile tour crosses the Conewago Creek at several points. The Historic Conewago Tour passes by East Cavalry Battlefield, working farms, several country churches, and through the center of Victorian New Oxford and Early-American East Berlin, as well as several other small villages, and the very scenic Adams County countryside. (Approximate driving time is 2 hours).

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